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Jumat, 19 April 2013

naruto shipudden 309 sub indonesia

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cara membuat cheat dengan cheat engine

Mungkin kalian pernah ingin membuat trainer sendiri.... disini saya akan membahas cara-cara membuat trainer sendiri menggunakan cheat engine.

1. Cheat Engine 6  < Download >
2. Game yg ingin di bikin trainernya

Cara membuatnya cukup mudah.... Pertama klik Advanced Options, itu tuh... yg ada di sudut bawah.
ntar muncul kotak seperti di bawah ini...

Ket: 1. tempat ganti icon dan images
     2. Nama trainermu
     3. Program yg akn di cheat
     4. Keterangan trainermu
     5. bila tidak jadi bikin
     6. Klik ini bila selesai
     7. Menambahkan cheatnya
     8. Menhapus cheatnya

Baiklah, sekarang klik add entry (no.7). Nanti akan muncul kotak masukan nama trainernya dan hotkey tombol yg akan digunakan untuk mengcheat di gamenya. lalu klik add. ntar muncul kotak seperti dibawah ini

ket: 1.    a  ) mengubah value dan frozen
                    b ) mengubah valuenya saja
                    c ) me-frozen saja
             2 . Tempat memasukan value yg diinginkan
             3 . Type Frozen yg diinginkan 
             4 . Cheat Table (bagi yg belum tahu apa itu   cheat table, akan ada di akhir posting ini).

   Pilih type cheatnya (yg No. 1), lalu masukan valuenya (bila memilih 1a atau 1b). Klik type Frozen-nya (bila memilih 1a atau 1c). Lalu pilih cheat tablenya. Lalu klik Add. Setelah itu klik Ok. Klik Add entry lagi bila ingin menambah cheat lagi.

   Setelah selesai membuat cheat trainer... lengkapilah trainermu seperti dibawah ini. pasti bisa khan... setelah selesai klik Generate Trainer.

Apa itu Cheat Table? Cheat table adalah tempat address cheat kalian.

download game doraemon RPG

helllo sobat TDC-galih..kali ini saya akan share download game doraemon
maaf jarang posting..karena lg sibuk berjualan dunia maya alias FB

langsung aja

Free Download Games Doraemon
Free Download Games Doraemon
Free download games doraemon for pc - Doraemon is a robot cat made by nobita, doraemon and after that long to devolve - moved because it ' s made, doraemon updated and freshly painted yellow, designed to household consumption of a wealthy family. Unfortunately, mistakes when he had the production process. The other robot, not as a cat he failed the test so that he was being auctioned to the family of the lower class; no more than the offspring of nobita nobi family. The robot cat doraemon fixed yellow to one day, when he saved the family, a baby, ears of small rodents to pieces, the robot so as to be amputated. Doraemon cried and cried, he tried to revive his ear return to farmers a liquid, but he take any body fluids paint and eventually disappearing into effect native yellow, blue. He also changed into now this: a cat robots blue without ears. Although it is now doraemon hatred and fear in rats.
Free Download Games Doraemon
Free Download Games Doraemon
Doraemon himself is actually a robot created by nobita. Doraemon nobita invented when I was about the age of the medieval period. And in fact has become a doraemon nobita nu dikeluarga since it was originally created. Although it failed in tests, advanced robots keep doraemon with magical tools that can solve all the problems. He also has a sense of understanding and compassion; When nobita crying and whining for it, glad to hear all doraemon complaints and help him. This is also able to understand How human feelings, whether or not of sadness, fear, anger, joy, sympathy, and others. He studied, and to act according to what he learned and he could shouting for joy, jumps and emotions of fear, crying. However, she also acts very emotional, especially when he has enough property hot-blooded man while those with bad arguments with nobita.
Free Download Games Doraemon
Free Download Games Doraemon
Fifth grade children lazy and often interrupted by a giant and his friends. Not good in sports and at school. Nevertheless, he was able to make the puzzle, play and shoot rubber. Nice and helpful sometimes dragged into the matter. But as bad as the one, at the end of Nobita is always fun. In addition to the puzzle, play games, rubber, and shoot, Nobita was also a specialist in ' sleep. ' He was able to sleep more quickly than others. Rubber-hobby hobby play unusual for kids in Japan — and collect bottle caps. Nobita's ambitions are always changing, she doesn't want to be a ninja, teacher, pilot, and others. But in the near future, he only became a clerk in the Office.
Free Download Games Doraemon
Free Download Games Doraemon
Of course you are familiar with the character of comic this one. A cat robots with a pouch magical features in the stomach of a good friend accompanying nobita nobi a sluggard. A sluggard? Yes, a story about a character doraemon nobita child class fourth described as lazy. Hence, for future nobita, doraemon sewashi the owner menciak sent to the past to help nobita for their children can enjoy success. A short narrative, don ' t know the story of the end of doraemon? It is more than 40 years since early in december 1969, the publication of the story there are no end. Even nobita was a class fourth elementary school students for 40 years ( let us imagine ). Now the story of growing appear adventure doraemon all version. In comic books and on television, i never found doraemon the end of the story. But since 1980 he was ending speculation doraemon, the one that i share.
Free Download Games Doraemon
 System Requirements :

CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: DirectX 7 compatible video card

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