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Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

hack cheat ninja saga new years 2013 dan natal

New hack made by incovers, this is the last hack from incovers before new year .. So dont wait after get patched and error .. You should try it first Than waiting xD . Hope we all better in the year 2013 than in the year  2012 ..

Features : 
- Fix special christmas
- Atm exp + Clan panel 
- Pass Tensai special jounin
- Map hack (optional) 
Tools : 
-  Fiddler : Click Here
- SWF File : Click Here
Pass mediafire: rolandjak23

Tutorial :
1. The first you must have fiddler , if you dont have fiddler download and install it by netframe work !
2. Download SWF File
3. Open Fiddler >Go to tab auto responder >> Tick enable automatic responses & permit passthrough
4. Drag All swf file into fiddler or follow text Tutorial in my swf file
5. Open your browser >> Must clear cache
6.  Open ninja saga
7. Select character you want to play
8.  Go to recruit friend then wait and select what hack do you want !!

How to clear cache ?
For mozilla firefox : Tools > options > advanced > Select network tab > Clear now > click ok
 For google chrome or Rockmelt : Hit Ctrl + shift+delete >> click clear now > wait the process

thanks for

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